It’s time to institute equity audits in higher ed: Opinion

March 26, 2020

“Higher education has a tool to identify and address issues of inequality,” writes Annika Olson, “and more colleges and universities should use it.” The tool in question – equity audits – are described by the author as a tool most often used in K-12 education in order to evaluate, identify, and address disparities in educational systems. Olson provides the example of an American college that used an equity audit to assess whether outreach efforts were accessible for potential first-generation college students, what practices in algebra courses affected equitable success in statistics, how faculty members shared information regarding financial aid opportunities, and whether current staffers and administrators were supportive of the student population. Significantly, the audit identified gaps in each of these areas and provided specific ways to improve, which—according to the author—suggests their usefulness may extend past K-12 education. Inside Higher Ed (International)