JIBC-developed simulator enables experiential medical training at UBC

September 25, 2014

An immersive computer simulation technology developed by the Justice Institute of British Columbia is helping students in UBC’s Faculty of Medicine receive experiential training. The training simulation relies on JIBC’s web-based Praxis learning system. Students from various locations can gather to immerse themselves in a multimedia-rich environment, working independently or with other groups to respond to scenarios. The students’ activities are monitored and stored for later review. “The system is highly customizable. And because Praxis is web-based, UBC’s Faculty of Medicine saw a huge benefit in using the technology where you can bring together medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students, and others, and have them all learn and work together on the same simulation,” said Bob Walker, Simulation Specialist at JIBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Innovation. JIBC News Release