Job vacancies, program cuts at CNC

April 29, 2013

Last Friday the College of New Caledonia’s board of governors approved a balanced budget for 2013-14. The budget for the entire college totals just over $56.7 million. The operating fund budget totals $47.5 million, with a projected surplus of $17,654. “We were able to eliminate the projected $1 million deficit with very minimal impact to students and employees,” said CNC’s president. To find the necessary savings, CNC re-allocated unused budgets to areas that were underfunded, the college will delay filling vacant positions, and will not be replacing employees on leave. In addition to a 2% tuition hike and the issuing of 4 layoff notices to faculty members, more money was saved by reorganizing support areas, and equipment budgets were reduced. Some low-enrolment courses will be discontinued and the college advertising budget will be reduced. CNC News Release | Prince George Citizen