John Abbott, police mishandled sexual assault complaint, says student

August 8, 2016

A student from John Abbott College has claimed that she was sexually assaulted on campus, and that her complaint was subsequently mishandled by both the institution and police. While initially taken seriously, the student stated that investigators dropped the case and accused of her lying after reviewing a campus surveillance video. An online petition is calling for the suspension of the alleged attacker until the case is thoroughly investigated; for police officers, the department, and John Abbott to apologize to the woman; and for the CEGEP to implement mandatory sexual assault education for all first-year students. CBC reports that John Abbott has issued a release stating that the alleged perpetrator had been suspended during the police investigation, and that the college is now focused “on the re-integration of both students.” Montreal Gazette (1) | Montreal Gazette (2) | CBC (1) | CBC (2)