Journalism schools respond to industry changes

August 15, 2014

Upheaval in the news/media sector has led to changes in the way PSE institutions deliver journalism programs, and to changes in the content of courses in these programs. In the first of a 3-part series on changes occurring within journalism programs, Carleton University’s head of journalism, Susan Harada, discusses some of the content that journalism schools are adding to programs and courses. A survey issued to the academic leaders of journalism programs in Canada reveals that the majority of programs (41%) are adding content to existing courses, and 33% are designing new degree programs entirely. Blogging, ethics, and digital skills are most cited as having been added to courses, with digital photography, audio production, and web video topping the list of added digital skills. Harada also notes that survey respondents spoke of the removal of divisions between forms of media such as print, broadcast, and online. “Silos are coming down,” she says, as journalism students increasingly learn skills that are applied across multiple platforms, enhancing flexibility and adaptability among students. Canadian Journalism Project