Kanaka Bar Indian Band, SAIT, Okanagan, organizations partner on climate-resilient housing project

January 14, 2022
The Kanaka Bar Indian Band has partnered with Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Okanagan College, Foresight Canada, and Seko Construction on a pilot project to provide climate-resilient housing options to those who lost their homes in the Lytton, BC wildfire. The project will focus on sustainable new build and retrofitting solution for Kanaka Bar Indian Band members as well as those in the Lytton region and across Canada. SAIT will lead a team of members from Okanagan, Foresight, and Seko as they create options for rebuilding in the Lytton region with a vision of building more resilient structures. “This will impact all Canadians, especially for our hardest hit neighbours in BC, through public sharing of the processes and innovations used in the project,” said SAIT Interim Vice President Corporate Development, Applied Research and International Mark Butler. Castanet | Penticton Western News (AB | BC)