Kenjgewin Teg’s ASIRC approved as CWB Testing Site

December 22, 2020
Kenjgewin Teg’s Anishinabek Skills, Innovation, and Research Centre (ASIRC) has been approved as a Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) testing location. Students in the Shki-Maajiinakiing trades program are now able to prepare for and complete an examination and certification by a CWB examiner at Kenjgewin Teg. “Employers out there want employees and graduates to also have the ‘certified technical skills’ that are applied and used in practice on-the-job,” said welding instructor Dave Barnes. “Becoming an approved testing centre for CWB means we are helping the employability of our trades graduates during and after they have come to us at Kenjgewin Teg.” Kenjgewin Teg (ON)