King's UC dean denies admission offer to Omar Khadr

August 16, 2010

The arts dean at The King's University College, in Edmonton, denies that Omar Khadr, currently on trial in Guantanamo Bay, has been guaranteed immediate admission at the institution. However, in a filing to the military tribunal, Khadr's lawyers say the dean "will testify that her university is willing to accept Omar Khadr immediately." The arts dean confirms she had written letters to Khadr and wanted to help him, but he had not replied. She has also been in contact with Khadr's Edmonton-based lawyer, who spoke to King's students about the Khadr case nearly 2 years ago. The school's director of public relations denies its board has made any commitment to Khadr or that he has been promised immediate admission. Should Khadr apply for admission, the university would consider the application, the official says. Globe and Mail