Knowing when to “call it quits”

August 2, 2019

“At some point, most of us wrestle with determining when it's time to call it quits,” writes Rob Weir in a reflection on retirement from higher ed. Weir writes that his decision to retire stemmed from hearing loss, but provides a list of other considerations for those wrestling with the idea of retirement. In particular, he asks readers to consider the signs that it is time to retire – such as a loss of interest in teaching and service or feeling hypercritical of students – and to ask whether they can afford to leave their position. For those who expect to retire soon, Weir advises starting to plan for retirement early and encourages professors to prepare themselves mentally. "Just as we wanted others to move on so we could move in,” Weir concludes, “so, too, a new generation of scholars awaits its turn.” Inside Higher Ed (International)