KPU to use portfolios rather than grades to process admissions

November 27, 2017

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is looking to use portfolios rather than relying solely on academics and letter grades to process its admissions, reports Peace Arch News. The goal is part of an initiative called the Surrey Portfolio Pathways Partnership, which was spearheaded by KPU instructor David P Burns. Burns leads the Kwantlen Educational Policy Incubator (KEPI), which has partnered with the Surrey School District to develop a framework for accepting high school portfolios for postsecondary admission. The university and the district will reportedly work with six high school students to develop portfolios that will be used for actual admission to KPU next September. Five students will be admitted to the Faculty of Arts and one student to the Faculty of Science and Horticulture as first-year undergraduates. Peace Arch News