La Cité Collégiale SMA emphasizes francophone education and labour market integration

August 15, 2014

Ontario has released the strategic mandate agreement (SMA) signed between the province and La Cité Collégiale. The report identifies La Cité’s areas of differentiation as its promotion of francophone education and culture in Ontario, its production of graduates who are adept in working in both of Canada’s official languages, and its support for underrepresented student populations. La Cité is further recognized for its employment services and support programs, including labour market integration programs and employment resource centre. The SMA also notes that the college has been expanding its applied research programs and its collaboration with industry. La Cité’s support for experiential learning and student mobility programs are also identified as strengths, as well as its use of online learning tools. The agreement names as proposed areas of program growth skilled trades; health and life sciences; administration, hospitality and tourism; emergency and legal services; and social and human services. La Cité SMA