Lakehead to receive $5.5M to support [email protected]

April 19, 2022
Lakehead University has announced that it will receive $5.5M over five years to support the Enhancing Prevention of Injury and Disability @ Work ([email protected]) Research Institute. The funds will allow [email protected] to expand its occupational health and safety work, support new studies, and provide funding to hire 11 new faculty, research associates, and graduate students. The funding will support [email protected] in reducing workplace mental health stigma, designing injury prevention programs, and identifying and addressing barriers to training that reduces risk of workplace injury. “Focussing on Northern Ontario’s workforce, with emphasis on Indigenous communities and equity seeking groups, the Center will conduct high-quality, community-based, transdisciplinary research in the areas of work-related injury, both physical and mental, and disability prevention,” said Lakehead President Dr Moira McPherson. Nation Talk | TB News Watch (ON)