Lakehead task force submits report on sexual assault

June 27, 2014

A President’s Task Force at Lakehead University has released its report on sexual assault and victim support with recommendations that have already begun to be implemented. The task force was convened after a former student alleged she had been sexually assaulted by a classmate. Recommendations include the adoption of the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Protocol: A Policy Dealing with Sexual Harassment, Sexual Stalking and Sexual Assault, which the board of governors has already approved; education initiatives for faculty, staff, and students designed to prevent sexual misconduct, including a campaign to enhance a culture of respect and inclusion; and structural support for the recommendations, including the establishment of Human Rights Officer. “Our mandate included developing a means to more effectively educate the University community about the pervasiveness of sexual assault, and to minimize stigma and sexual assault myths,” said task force Chair Lori Chambers. Lakehead News Release | CBC | Report