Lambton proposes Centres of Excellence, Mobile Learning College in draft SMA

October 17, 2012

As outlined in its proposed strategic mandate agreement, Lambton College's key objectives are a highly specialized Centre of Excellence in Energy and Bio-Industrial Technology, which will differentiate Lambton (as Sarnia's only PSE institution) from all other higher education institutions in Ontario; an innovative Centre of Excellence in Fire and Public Safety; and transformation to a student-centred Mobile Learning College. These 3 priorities include a number of common elements, in particular the offering of job-focused 3-year degrees. The document states that Lambton has embarked on a board-approved Mobile Learning Project that will integrate mobile learning, in whole or part, into 100% of the college's programs, with a target of 10 hybrid programs and 30% of courses in hybrid or online format by 2016. Lambton News | Lambton SMA