Laurentian conducts road seismic testing to uncover mineral potential beneath the earth

October 26, 2017

Laurentian University has sent a fleet of trucks onto the roadways of Sudbury, Ontario to conduct seismic testing as part of a research effort to uncover the area’s mineral potential. The $104M, seven-year project is being led by the Mining Exploration Research Centre (MERC) at Laurentian. CBC reports that the trucks send sound waves into the earth to learn more about what lies beneath, similar to ultrasound testing. The effort aims to “get an impression of what does [the] earth's crust look like in these metal-endowed areas versus what the earth's crust and mantle look like in less-endowed areas, to see what the differences are so we can understand the processes of metal enrichment and understand better where our resources are,” says Harold Gibson, director of the Metal Earth Project. CBC