Laurentian considers monetization of real estate holdings

June 2, 2021
Northern Ontario Business reports that Laurentian University is considering how it can “monetize” its real estate holdings. The article says that Laurentian’s possible next moves could include the “monetization” of “excess assets,” reviewing its third-party leases in comparison with market lease rates, and selling its residences to a campus residence operator. The community has responded with concern to the possible loss of Laurentian green spaces and properties. Professor John Gunn, who is the director of Laurentian’s Vale Living with Lakes Centre, has noted that the centre, which was a community investment, may be seen as something Laurentian can sell. “I am concerned that the creditors would turn their attention to selling lakeshore property as well,” said Gunn. “But there’s not much we can do if we lose that financial battle.” Northern Ontario Business | CBC (ON)