Laurentian seeks additional staff to preserve social work accreditation

October 17, 2016

Laurentian University is making efforts to hire more staff for its social work schools to ensure that these schools do not lose their accreditation, reports CBC. The university has reportedly been told by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education, the organization that officially recognizes the programs, that its schools are understaffed. Two full-time professors and one part-time administrative staff member are reportedly needed at the university's Indigenous social work program, while three full-time English professors, two full-time French professors, and one full-time staff member are needed to help with field placements. Laurentian VP Academic Pierre Zundel says he is confident the programs will retain accreditation, adding that his message to students is: "We understand you have a lot at stake. Stay focused on your studies. Stay focused on your field placements. We're doing what we have to do and I'm confident that we'll get there’.” CBC