Laurentian SMA cites institution’s blended culture, regionally inflected research

August 18, 2014

The strategic mandate agreement (SMA) signed between Ontario and Laurentian University highlights the university’s blended English, French, and Indigenous culture, as well as its research activity in environment and conservation, health and wellness, social and culture research and creativity, engineering, mineral and materials science, and particle physics. Laurentian is cited for its strong community engagement programs, including its social work program in Indigenous Relations and its participation in the Re-greening of Sudbury project. Additional areas of strength mentioned in the SMA include the university’s engagement with the mining industry and its efforts to increase the participation rates of Aboriginal people in university education. The SMA further identifies the valuable relationship between Laurentian’s research agenda and the characteristics of its region. Laurentian’s proposed program areas for growth include architecture; engineering and earth sciences; French language programs in Sudbury; forensic science, criminal investigative science, and IT; and northern health development and Indigenous relations. Laurentian SMA