Laurier SMA focuses on teaching quality, entrepreneurship success

September 9, 2014

The strategic mandate agreement (SMA) between Ontario and Wilfrid Laurier University identifies as the institution’s differentiating features its emphasis on teaching quality and student outcomes, its community partnerships, and its research strengths in areas including environment, governance and policy, culture and society, and economics. According to the SMA, graduates of Laurier's School of Business & Economics have started over 1,800 companies, and many serve as senior leaders in the technology sector. The SMA also highlights Laurier’s co-operative education programs, which include the largest business co-op program in Canada, as well as its support for experiential learning through job placement programs. The Faculty of Arts’ first-year seminar courses, capped at 22 students, are also identified as a strength, as are the Residence Learning Communities initiative and the Supplemental Instruction program. The SMA notes that Laurier’s Aboriginal student enrolment has increased by 167% over 5 years, with an extremely high level of reported student satisfaction. 4 proposed program areas for growth are identified in the SMA: business and management; community engaged health; individual and community well-being, and lifespan sciences; cold regions water science and policy; and communications and digital media studies. Laurier SMA