Leaked survey suggests employee frustrations with NRC

February 18, 2014

A leaked survey obtained by Postmedia News reveals 3 out of 5 employees at Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) are frustrated by decisions made by senior management. The NRC responded to the negative results of the survey, saying the dissatisfaction stems from ongoing restructuring at the agency. In 2012, the NRC cut its budget and created a “concierge service” for business, shifting away from its former mandate of doing general scientific research on public policy issues. However, the NRC says the concierge service is just one of the services it provides for industry. “Communicating in a time of change is not always an easy task and often creates uncertainty,” says NRC spokesman Charles Drouin. He says the agency is also building and rolling out about 40 new research programs while gradually reassigning staff. He suggested that it would take time for people to see the full benefits. Canada.com