Lethbridge ECE instructors use videos to help students complete practicums

April 17, 2020

Instructors at Lethbridge College are using videos to allow students in the Early Childhood Education program to complete their practicum placements. ECE instructors have drawn upon Videatives, a video system that shows children at play and working with educators, to provide students with the provincial requirements that will allow them to graduate on time. “Students watch the videos to identify where they see development happening with the children,” says Lethbridge ECE program chair Cheryl Hatten. “We believed we could expand its use to fill in the gaps for those who were still missing practicum hours and it’s actually worked quite well.” Although students say that the videos cannot replace one-on-one time with children, some acknowledged that the technology enables them to see things they would not be able to observe, or observe as clearly, in person. Lethbridge (AB)