Letter shows that CBU laid out the impact of new NS funding formula to province

January 8, 2018

Documents released earlier this week have revealed that Cape Breton University made clear to government officials the impact that changes in the provincial funding formula have had on the school. The Cape Breton Post reports that CBU and Acadia University were the only universities to lose funding under the changed formula, but it was also revealed last year that Acadia had received $24.8M in extra funding above and beyond its grant following the funding formula changes, while CBU's portion of provincial funding dropped from 6.99% to 5.6%. “While we have been very diligent in attempting to balance our budgets, we have had no choice but to run operating deficits the last number of years,” wrote Interim CBU President Dale Keefe in a letter to Labour and Advanced Education Minister Labi Kousoulis dated September 19th, 2017. Cape Breton Post