Leveraging skills of all university graduates should be a top priority

August 31, 2012

Writing for the Globe and Mail, TalentEgg founder Lauren Friese has serious concerns about the way Canada prepares its young people for the labour market. "Most distressing is the consistent devaluation of education in the arts, a process that is robbing the Canadian public of their investment in higher education, denying graduates the opportunity to contribute to the economy and effectively silencing an entire cohort of bright young minds," Friese writes. Leveraging the skills of all Canadian university graduates should be a top priority, irrespective of their area of expertise, states Friese. The reasons are threefold: we're all investors in PSE; employing graduates stimulates the economy; and if we can't employ arts graduates, we lose their skill sets and potential. "The current system -- where students choose university pathways without enough information about their future prospects, or return to school to avoid a stagnant job market, and so build up mountainous debt -- needs to change," Friese writes. "The consequences of doing nothing not only represent a poor financial investment on the part of the government and taxpayers, but more troublingly, the waste of the potential economic impact embodied by the currently young and unemployable." Globe and Mail