LGBTQ alumni of TWU speak out against community covenant banning non-heterosexual intimacy

November 30, 2016

Gay alumni of Trinity Western University are speaking out about their experiences at the school and its controversial community covenant, reports Postmedia. All students who enroll in the school are required to sign an agreement that forbids them from sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage. Alumnus Ashlee Davison recounts how the school once told her that she was “under investigation for having a relationship with another woman.” The article highlights other alumni who similarly argue that TWU should change its policy on same-sex intimacy just as it has reportedly changed its policy on alcohol use in the past. TWU spokeswoman Amy Robertson acknowledged that more needs to be done to make the school a welcoming place for everyone. “President Bob Kuhn and TWU administration are taking recent stories from LGBTQ alumni very seriously, and are committed to listening. President Kuhn has been prioritizing meeting with students who wish to share their stories,” Robertson said in a written statement. Montreal Gazette