Location decision for Fanshawe arts campus a concern for London councillor

February 1, 2011

With Fanshawe College officials preparing to present a business plan for the proposed downtown arts campus, one London city councillor is citing rumblings he has heard that the institution may not go exactly where he had hoped. "We were sold on the fact this was to rejuvenate the downtown on Dundas (St.)," the councillor says. "If the good part of this is not in the Dundas corridor...then I'm having issues with it." While college officials won't rule out the downtown Dundas strip as the location for the arts campus, they are not guaranteeing that will be the new home, either. Not surprised that rumours are circulating about the location given the size of the project, a Fanshawe official says the college is looking to make "a start within the next year" if it gets approval from council. London Free Press