A look at the campus as more than a physical space: Editorial

July 26, 2021
While at first blush, a campus seems to simply be the physical space a postsecondary institution occupies, writes Elizabeth A Lehfeldt, "it also embodies a host of aspirations that lie at the very heart of higher education." As institutional communities return to campus, Lehfeldt encourages leaders to think further about the role and meaning of a campus and the campus experience. The author describes the campus's attributes as a physical space, an intangible good, a place of community, and a creator of nostalgia; as well as how its role was impacted by the pandemic. "Many people are calling for our emergence from the pandemic to be a reckoning," concludes Lehfeldt. "For those of us in higher education, it should start with the very spaces and sites that house our aspirations for, and commitment to, all our students and their well-being." Inside Higher Education (Editorial)