Low-cost BA making slow progress in US

October 21, 2013

The idea of offering students bachelor's degree programs that cost no more than $10,000, introduced in the last 2 years by both Governor Rick Perry in Texas and Governor Rick Scott in Florida, is starting to catch on at PSE institutions, but “not for many students, not for many majors and not on the flagship campuses.” Broward College, a 67,000-student institution in Florida, is offering the low-cost BA in its 4 smallest bachelor’s programs, but so far there has been little interest. Miami Dade College, the biggest in the system, is offering 8, $10,000 bachelor’s degree programs; so far, they have drawn 62 students. Furthermore, the Florida system is already among the cheapest in the US, with average tuition and fees of $13,264 for a 4-year degree.  In Texas, 13 institutions now offer $10,000 degrees, but so far, most of them are based on students’ amassing college credits while they are still in high school, or at a community college, whose tuition may not be included in the total. New York Times