Lumina Foundation launches strategic plan to boost PSE attainment

January 10, 2013

Yesterday the Indiana-based Lumina Foundation announced a new 4-year strategic plan outlining actions it will pursue to meet its goal of increasing the percentage of Americans who hold "high-quality degrees and credentials" to 60% by 2025. Among the strategies is to mobilize PSE institutions and systems to boost the adoption of data- and evidence-based policies, partnerships, and practices that close attainment gaps for underserved students and improve overall completion rates. Other strategies outlined in the plan include creating new models of student financial aid that make college more affordable, creating new PSE business and finance models that significantly expand the country's capacity to deliver affordable, high-quality education, and creating new systems of quality credentials and credits defined by learning and competencies rather than time. Lumina Foundation News Release | The Chronicle of Higher Education (free access) | Strategic Plan Executive Summary