Métis Nation of Ontario, Boréal renew MOU

June 22, 2017

The Métis Nation of Ontario and Collège Boréal have renewed a Memorandum of Understanding that was first implemented in 2009. The agreement will build on existing programs that respond to the needs of Métis students at Boréal. The strategies implemented by the MOU include the evaluation and enhancement of the opportunities available to Métis students. Representatives from the MNO will also participate in all phases of consultation and development regarding Boréal’s practices and policies on Indigenous teaching. MNO Chair and Boréal Board Member France Picotte said of the agreement, “the MOU’s main objective is to enhance the professional integration of the Métis, respecting their cultural specificity and improving their access to services, programs and employment services offered by Collège Boréal.” Boréal | NationTalk