Majority of Canadian students discuss PSE financing with parents

June 26, 2014

According to a new survey of Canadian high school and PSE students, although 68% of students reported having a discussion with their parents about the costs of PSE and how to pay for it, many students said that the discussion made them realize the cost of PSE was higher than they expected, and often, the support offered by parents was not enough to cover all costs. Of the students who had a discussion with their parents, 32% said they realized they would have to find other sources of financing to pay for PSE. 57% of students said they used student loans to cover some, if not all, of the costs of PSE. When students were asked to reflect on the financial discussion with their parents, 36% said if they were to do it over again they would have a more realistic idea of the costs of PSE; 26% said they would have had the conversation earlier (55% said they had the discussion in grade 11 or 12). The survey results shed light on the relationships between students and parents when it comes to financing PSE, an important topic as the costs associated with PSE continue to increase. DH News Release | Full Report