Majority of Canadians polled say governments not doing enough to make PSE affordable

May 18, 2011

A majority of Canadians believe governments are not doing enough to make higher education affordable, according to a recent poll conducted for the Canadian Association of University Teachers. 57% of respondents are willing to pay higher taxes to support PSE. As for the most important way to help improve access, almost half of those surveyed support a tuition fee freeze, while 37% say fees should be lowered. The majority of Canadians polled say university and college administrators care mainly about the bottom line rather than about quality of education. 52% of respondents say that, if faced with government funding cuts, institutions should cut administration costs first, compared to 12% who believe fees should be raised, 13% who say salaries should be cut, and 14% who say increasing class sizes is the answer. CAUT News | Poll results