Majority of Quebec universities plan to leave CREPUQ

May 2, 2013

A majority of Quebec universities have announced they plan to leave the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities, according to reports by local francophone newspapers. A CREPUQ spokesperson confirms that Université de Montréal and 9 members of the Université du Québec network have informed the group they plan to leave by October 30. Université Laval has already left CREPUQ. uLaval rector Denis Brière said last month the association was no longer responding to the needs of the institution in representing its interests, and also criticized CREPUQ for not reacting more strongly to the retroactive budget cuts the Quebec government announced just before the PSE summit in February. There were also reports last month that uMontréal was considering leaving and would make a decision by the end of summer. This week, all but one of the 10 members of the uQuébec network (the exception being UQAM) told CREPUQ they intend to leave by this fall. Nevertheless, the association's 18 members, including those that are said to be dissatisfied with CREPUQ, are still planning to participate in a "day of reflection" that CREPUQ had scheduled for its members in early June, says the CREPUQ spokesperson. University Affairs