Make career decisions easier by understanding one’s values

March 20, 2020

Making career decisions require one to contemplate a lot of variables: job flexibility, commute times, and employment stability. In this piece, author Daniel J Moglen encourages those working in higher education to consider their values when assessing new employment opportunities. Whether it is daily contact with others or the ability to learn to skills on a daily basis, Moglen writes that it is important to consider if and what one’s “deal breakers” are before they join an organization that may not support their values. The author recommends starting to organize one’s work-related values by considering how a current position aligns (or not) with values and developing a work philosophy/manifesto. “The underlying meaning of the word "value" is worth,” explains Moglen. “What is worthwhile to you? And how can you move toward having work and living a life that align with your values?” Inside Higher Ed (International)