Mandating vaccines protects the freedoms of students: Raizada

July 21, 2021
Postsecondary institutions that mandate COVID-19 vaccines ensure student freedom rather than take it away, writes University of Guelph professor Manish N Raizada. The author describes how students, one-third of whom have not received even one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination yet, will likely enthusiastically get together without using precautions after having been under lockdowns for so long. The author says that students who have not been vaccinated may also be less likely to get tested for COVID-19 if they develop symptoms, and may believe they only have a cold while spreading it to friends and family. Raizada says that super-spreader parties will cause shutdowns that will reverse the freedoms that students were enjoying, and that institutions should mandate vaccinations to avoid this. “Mandatory COVID vaccinations will protect the freedom to be young,” writes Raizada. Ottawa Citizen (Subscription req) (Editorial)