Manitoba Court of Appeals upholds decision to reimburse international students

April 23, 2014

The Manitoba Court of Appeals has thrown out the case of a former international student recruiter, who must reimburse 3 University of Winnipeg students nearly $40,000 after they endured what they described as “intolerable” living conditions. The students pre-paid the recruiter for tutoring, meals, transportation, and lodging in a basement bedroom. However, they alleged that they were constantly monitored on video, fed leftovers rather than fresh meals, and given only limited access to their rooms or electricity. The recruiter countered that the agreement signed by the students stated that prepayments would not be returned and that he had offered them meals and lodging for free as a “cultural service.” The Manitoba Residential Tenancy Board (MRTB) found for the students and has ordered the recruiter to return rent pre-paid by the students for the period after they vacated the premises; the recruiter had appealed the MRTB’s decision in December. Winnipeg Free Press