Manitoba Leads Largest Polar Project

March 8, 2007

uManitoba will lead a team of 200 researchers from 14 different countries in one of the largest research projects conducted in the Arctic.  Researchers will spend a year studying northern ice and the impacts of climate change on the polar region.  Many Canadian universities will participate in the project and share in $150 million in federal funds announced for International Polar Year; uManitoba's project is to be the biggest in Canada and one of the largest in the world. Canadian Press

Memorial Alumni Association partners with Boston Pizza:
The Memorial University Alumni Association and Boston Pizza have partnered for a creative scholarship project.  Alumni or friends of Memorial can write "MUN Scholarships" on the back of their Boston Pizza receipts, and drop them in the box at the entrance to the restaurant.  A percentage of what was spent will be given directly to MUN students via scholarships and bursaries.  No menu items have increased in price, and only Boston Pizza locations in St. John's, Newfoundland are participating.  Memorial University News Release

40% of US Undergraduates Pursue Grad Studies:
A report from the National Center for Educational Statistics, part of the US Department of Education, discusses trends in graduate studies enrolment based on undergraduates who graduated in 1992/93.  40% of these students enrolled in a graduate program by 2003.  The highest level attained by 31% was a master's degree; 5% and 4% respectively earned first-professional degree programs and doctoral degree programs. Younger students were more likely to go on to grad school than older students, and most recipients waited between 2 and 3 years from receiving their bachelor's degree.  About half of the students who enrolled in grad studies did so on a full-time basis, and men enrolled in full-time more than women did.  Read the Report (PDF)

NSF Report on Science & Engineering Enrolment:
Starting in 2000, American women earned more Science and Engineering bachelor degrees than men, according to a report by the National Science Foundation.  Men have been earning more computer science bachelors and associate degrees than women, and this gap has been widening since 2004.  Women have historically been earning more psychology degrees than men, and this gap has continued to widen.  Graduate students with disabilities are shown to lean towards social/behavioural sciences and education studies.  Read the Full Report | The Chronicle of Higher Education (Subscription Required)

British Medical Applicants Plagiarize their Applications:
CFL Software Development, the company that makes Copycatch (a plagiarism-detection program), recently conducted a study that found copied material in the personal statements of many program applicants.  Out of 50,000 applications for Oxbridge, medicine, dentistry and veterinary science, 5% contained borrowed phrases.  Close to 800 took from just three example statements provided on a free website.  Applications with copied materials increased in frequency the closer the application deadline got.  BBC