Marketing higher ed to grade 10-11 “grazers” is different than marketing to grade 12 “researchers”: report

July 11, 2019

Postsecondary institutions looking to market more effectively to high school students should consider a tiered approach that treats grade 12 students differently than those in grades 10 and 11, according to a new report by Academica Group and Glacier. The report, based on over 1,700 surveys completed among a random sample of students from 250 Canadian high schools, found that students in grades 10 and 11 are relatively cursory in the ways they research postsecondary options. Those in grade 12, on the other hand, are much more engaged in researching these options. The report adds that this shift from “grazing” to researching involves a substantial shift in the communications channels that high school students use to learn more about post-secondary options as they move from awareness to engagement. "Reaching Gen Z where they are is half the battle," said Academica’s VP Research Julie Peters. "Ultimately, all marketing initiatives need to be driven by a clear sense of who the target market is, where they are in the recruitment funnel, and the goal of the given marketing initiative." Release | Report (PDF) (National)