Mascot rebranding at Nicholls State U spurs controversy

August 19, 2009

The redesigned mascot logo for Louisiana-based Nicholls State University is generating controversy within the institution's community. The updated Col. Tillou mascot, named for the school's founder, has some likening it to a soldier from the Third Reich or a member of Soviet Russia's Red Army. A Nicholls graduate who created a Facebook group opposing the new mascot describes it as a "very angry Nazi soldier," while another says the "new image seems evil, faceless and inhuman." A Nicholls official says that while the university has no plan to abolish the new logo, the redesign could fade away within a couple of years if no one purchases merchandise bearing the logo. Times-Picayune | "I hate the New Tillou (a.k.a the 'Nicholls Nazi')" Facebook group