MB announces action plan to close student achievement gap

October 9, 2014

Manitoba has released the details of a new action plan that is intended to improve academic achievement for the province’s students. MB Education and Advanced Learning Minister James Allum said, “86 per cent of students in Manitoba are meeting or exceeding expectations. However, clearly some students need additional support … We have a targeted plan that includes new supports for teachers and more resources for parents to help ensure that all our students excel.” The first pillar of the new plan centres on improving teacher education. It calls on the province to work closely with Deans of education to examine entrance prerequisites and evaluate practicum supports and teacher certification requirements. The plan also calls for more support for teachers in the early years of their career in the form of new classrooms and additional teachers to reduce class sizes. MB will also focus on three additional areas: fundamental skills, support for parents and students, and accountability. MB News Release