MB to introduce new PSE sexual violence legislation, possible tuition hikes

October 6, 2016

Manitoba’s Progressive Conservative government suggested this week that it may raise the province's current cap on postsecondary tuition, reports CBC. MB Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart has stated that “right now, we're the third-lowest in the country (for tuition fees), you know, certainly that is a challenge for many of our post-secondary institutions,” adding that the government will look to offset a tuition increase with more funding for scholarships and grants. Wishart has also said that the government will introduce a new postsecondary sexual assault bill that will replace a bill tabled by the province’s former NDP government that would have required institutions to have standalone sexual assault policies and to make any reported incidents public. The Winnipeg Free Press reports that it is not known at this time what the new PC bill will propose. CBC (Tuition) | Winnipeg Free Press (Tuition) (Subscription Required) | Winnipeg Free Press (Sexual Assault)