MB investigating funding models for its postsecondary institutions

October 23, 2020

Manitoba is looking for alternative financial models for its postsecondary system. CBC reports that Premier Brian Pallister is interested in performance-based funding, though not the same model as proposed by other provinces. The Premier, writes CBC, is interested in a model used in Tennessee that allows for revisions every five years, premiums on advancing students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and weighted metrics depending on institutional priorities. These adjustments to the model promote equity and increased access for underrepresented students. University of Manitoba president Michael Benarroch, who met with the Premier and acknowledges peoples’ hesitations around outcomes-based models, stated, “I think as you become more informed and more aware of how it works, some of that fear dissipates. You begin to realize that in places where this has been implemented and implemented well that, in fact … it can help to improve outcomes over time.” CBC (MB)