MB trucking industry “roars” back with strong demand for new truck drivers

September 9, 2021
Manitoba’s trucking industry is “roaring” back after COVID-19, with a strong industry demand for new truck drivers to address the growing economy and needs for service. The Brandon Sun says that while previous concerns revolved around the pandemic, concerns now are focused on making sure there are enough drivers available. Terry Shaw, executive director of the Manitoba Trucking Association, said that approximately 600 new drivers will be needed each year for the next seven years, and that the Manitoba Trucking Association is promoting industry opportunities as much as possible. “It’s not just truck drivers,” said Shaw. “We need technicians and HR professionals, IT professionals, sales professionals, but truck driver is the most pressing need clearly.” Another article in the Brandon Sun highlights how the Professional Transport Driving Training School is addressing industry demand by training truckers through an entry-level training program. Brandon Sun (1) | Brandon Sun (2) (MB)