McDonald’s employee management training to count for credit toward ON college business diplomas

August 22, 2016

Employees of McDonald’s restaurants will soon be able to count their in-house management training as credit toward a two- or three-year business administration diploma at one of Ontario’s 24 public colleges. According to theGlobe and Mail, a new agreement between Colleges Ontario and McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd recognizes that “a McDonald’s employee with at least two of four company courses required to become a manager has earned the equivalent of first-year courses in a two- or three-year business diploma.” As a result, a manager-in-training at McDonald’s can apply to a college and enter directly into the second year of a business program. Colleges Ontario President Linda Franklin says that the new agreement is “a hint of where we are going in the future in postsecondary education.” Globe and Mail | Guelph Mercury | Colleges Ontario