McGill and uCalgary unveil innovative printing and computing technologies

April 29, 2014

McGill University recently became the first purchaser of an innovative 3D printer that is capable of printing at microscopic scales. The device recently entered the Guinness Book of World Records for printing a magazine cover that can only be seen with the help of an electron microscope. McGill researchers, however, are more interested in its practical applications in areas including electronics, physics, and life sciences. The printer cost $500,000, and was purchased with an $11.3-million grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, in partnership with McGill and the Quebec government. Meanwhile, the University of Calgary has installed a new supercomputer they have dubbed “Hyperion,” which will help researchers analyze huge volumes of genomic data. Hyperion is capable of performing 30 trillion calculations per second. “Hyperion is facilitating our work into new algorithms for large-scale inference that bridge the ‘Big Data’ emerging in genomics with detailed biological models,” said Jason de Koning, a geneticist in the Faculty of Medicine at uCalgary. McGill Headway | CTV | uCalgary News