McGill faculty express concern about academic freedom at institution

December 17, 2020
In an article co-signed by 7 other McGill University faculty members, McGill Professor Samuel Veissière and former professor Julius Grey express their “concern about a growing climate of censorship, defamation, fear and erosion of academic freedom at McGill University.” The concern comes in response to a letter published by the executives of the Students Society of McGill University and seven student associations, which called for an overhaul of McGill’s statement of Academic Freedom in the face of concerns about inclusivity. Veissière and Grey argue that, while they do not wish to censor students and encourage them to critique their professors’ views and publications, “handing over the very definition and implementation of academic freedom to student pressure groups, however, violates the mandate of a university and undermines its raison d’être.” Montreal Gazette | SSMU (QC)