McGill faculty group asks board to divest from fossil fuels

February 11, 2015

Faculty members at McGill University are urging the university's board of governors to divest from fossil fuel companies. McGill Faculty for Divestment sent a letter with over 100 signatories to the board in support of a petition organized by the Divest McGill student group. The letter states that "there is undeniable scientific evidence that climate change is urgent" and that "a large-scale transition to renewable energy sources is eminently necessary for the future well-being of our society and our planet. As such, continued investment in the companies that actively work against this transition and profit from continued fossil fuel dependence is not morally tenable for a public institution." A recent report from researchers at the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions has suggested that universities' divestment is unlikely to affect climate change; however, the McGill letter says that fossil fuel investment "undermines the university's mission of 'service to society.'" In submitting the letter, the McGill faculty group follows the example of faculty at Concordia University and UBC. Global News | Faculty Letter