McGill football coach resigns over university’s response to player suspension

October 2, 2014

The head coach of McGill University’s Redmen football team has resigned in the wake of a player’s suspension and the university’s response. Luis-Andres Guimont-Mota was suspended last week after being charged with assault and uttering threats; Guimont-Mota had previously pled guilty to an assault charge arising from a 2010 incident. Head coach Clint Uttley stated in a resignation letter that he disagreed with a statement by McGill that “the individual should not have been invited to join [McGill’s] team.” Uttley said the university was well aware of the initial charge when Guimont-Mota was recruited, and to now say it was a mistake to have him on the team was deeply troubling. Citing beliefs in rehabilitation, equity, and inclusiveness, Uttley concludes his letter by stating, “if providing young men with a second opportunity has effectively cost me my position as head football coach at McGill, then I accept that consequence in order to maintain a higher moral standard than what’s been dictated.” Uttley’s letter makes no mention of the current charges facing Guimont-Mota. McGill has accepted Uttley’s resignation and is expected to name an interim coach in the next week. Toronto Star | Montreal Gazette | National Post |CBC