McGill investigation finds riot police acted on their own

December 16, 2011

A report by McGill University's law dean on the on-campus standoff between protesting students and riot police says the operation by riot police was their own initiative and was conducted "without any request for assistance by McGill Security or McGill authorities." Recommendations in the report focus on defining the scope of the rights of free expression and peaceful assembly, emergency management, and reviewing security processes. Some members of the McGill community say the recommendations fall short of providing closure. "The presence of the riot police that day will continue to be contentious," says a Student Society of McGill University executive. "There is a feeling McGill didn't do enough to attenuate the riot squad's deployment and this report doesn't clear the air." The president of the Association of McGill University Support Employees says the report "will not be the catharsis the community needs." McGill Announcement | Montreal Gazette | CBC | Read the report