McGill to launch anti-hazing program twelve years after banning the practice: Globe

March 15, 2017

The experience of a McGill University student forced to take part in a hazing ritual in 2015 “indicates that 10 years after a high-profile hazing incident at McGill that prompted policy changes at the university, the top-ranked school has failed to curb the practice,” reports Ingrid Peritz for the Globe and Mail. The author goes on to write that the university was “slow to respond [in 2015] once the student’s family complained and applied only minor sanctions against the students involved.” McGill initially announced a zero-tolerance policy toward hazing in 2005, after another hazing incident made national headlines. In its statement to the Globe, McGill says it plans to launch a new anti-hazing program before the start of the next academic year, and that it has set up a working group to recommend ways to prevent hazing. Globe and Mail (1) | Globe and Mail (2)