McGill to offer Inuit-focused health course

July 29, 2021
McGill University medicine students will have the opportunity to register for an Inuit-focused health course which will be offered for the first time in January 2022. The course, Inuit Health in the Inuit Context, was created by McGill Associate Professor Richard Budgell, who is from Nunatsiavut. Budgell explained he intends to focus on Inuit understanding of health and how Inuit understand themselves in the course. “What started as a module is now a fully-accredited course,” said Budgell. “From what I understand it may be the first university course in health of its kind in Canada. I’m pleased to have been able to make this kind of progress.” The course is the second Indigenous-focused course offered through McGill’s Department of Family Medicine. Nunatsiaq Online (QC)